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How it’s Made

You can never be too rich, or too chill.



Q: Is it REAL ice cream?


Our ice creams are 100% natural and made with fresh milk, cream, sugars, vanilla bean, cocoas, premium chocolate, and all the delicious flavors you love. Not only do we use better ingredients, but it’s what we don’t use that makes our ice cream better. No stabilizers, no preservatives, and no unpronounceable ingredients here. We don’t use any of the junk products that commercial ice cream manufacturers are forced to use for their product to survive long distance shipping and months on the shelf without icing up.

Q: Is the Liquid Nitrogen just for show?

Not at all.

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is a game changer for small-batch ice cream makers. First, it allows us to create a healthier product by eliminating the need for junk additives. Second, it freezes the cream base so quickly, that those grainy ice crystals have no chance of forming. And third, (yeah it’s a little for show) – it’s amazing to watch.

Q: What makes the ice cream so creamy?

Ice cream is a complex suspension of air, milkfat, proteins, sugars and water. Since whole milk is largely water (87%), it inevitably forms ice crystals during the freezing process. The faster it freezes, the smaller the crystals. The smaller the crystals, the smoother the ice cream. Liquid Nitrogen freezes the ice cream in seconds, creating the creamiest, smoothest texture imaginable.

The result is an ice cream with a density like gelato, but no egg yolks and with less fat than you’ll find in other premium ice creams.

Q: Is LN2 dangerous?

Umm… yeah it is. It’s -321 degrees (F), so don’t ask to stick your hand in it.

That said, just like eating pizza that was cooked in a 700 degree oven, it’s perfectly safe once served. You’re never actually eating liquid nitrogen – you’re eating ice cream that was frozen using liquid nitrogen. By the time it’s served to you, it’s completely evaporated into pure nitrogen gas – which, as you may know – makes up 78% of the air we breathe and is the fourth most common element in the human body.

All Alkemy staff are trained and certified on proper usage and handling for their safety and yours. And don’t worry, our storage and cryo-delivery system was engineered with numerous and redundant safety features.

Q: Did Alkemy invent liquid nitrogen ice cream?

No, but we did perfect it! Adventure-loving science teachers have been mixing cream, sugar and LN2 for decades as a way to engage their students. It’s a great illustration on States of Matter, but it misses the point in creating an ultra-premium ice cream. Other ice cream makers have used LN2 as a party trick to mesmerize their patrons, but with low-grade, low-cost ingredients, you’re still left with a foggy, mediocre treat.

We combined the science and the art to create a truly gourmet dessert that happens to be fun and amazing to watch!

Q: What does Liquid Nitrogen do to the flavor of my ice cream?

Nothing. Liquid nitrogen is tasteless, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and inert. It’s just extremely freakin’ cold.

It may go fast, but you can always get more.

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